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The Innovation Gallery was the key highlight of PharmaLytica 2016.The Innovation Gallery, is a showcase for some of PharmaLytica’s most exciting new products. FREE to view for all visitors, the gallery covers innovations in Analytical, Laboratory, Packaging & Pharma Machinery segments.

Capsugel innovation gallery cphi india
Biopharmax India Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Biopuremax

It is an environmentally friendly, clean, simple, reliable and effective way of supplying chemical free – hardness reduced water for use as RO feed water without the need of any additional treatment.

Capsugel innovation gallery cphi india
Galaxy Sivtek Pvt. Ltd.

Product: SIVTEK Roto Sifter


  • Dust free operations.
  • No vibration and noise less than 80DB.
  • Efficient & flexible design to reduce floor space.
  • Easy to clean, maintain & change screen basket in 60 secs.
  • Screen can be checked in 360° by loosening of knob, easy for inspection.
  • No leakage or contamination at the oversize end.

Capsugel innovation gallery cphi india
Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Prime Reset

Prime Reset is a unique high speed self-repairing door with the latest technology that prevents downtime of the door system. In case the curtain is impacted accidentally it will cause the curtain to move out of the guides without damage. The movement of the door is designed in such a way it can be recovered with a simple opening and closing operation. Gandhi Automations manufactures doors of the highest quality that meet the issue for greater flexibility desired by clients. High speed self-repairing door in PVC is the most suitable solution in the field industries, it lowers the time of transition from one facility to another, avoiding any human error which can cause damage to the high speed door, and all this thanks to the innovative ANTI CRASH SYSTEM. Gandhi Automations provides a world class product with great security.

Capsugel innovation gallery cphi india
Scientific Research Instruments Company Private Limited

Product: maxMIX, Industrial stirrer

maxMIX provides very strong magnetic coupling that enables magnetic power transmission over for thick vessel bottoms or for double-coat vessels (60 mm). Maintenance-free 2mag-motor-drive provides large speed range from 100 to 1,200 rpm, that can stir up to 150 L of liquid and suitable for stirring highly viscous media as well. maxMIX has SoftStart-function (20-99 seconds) for reliable catching/centering and safe accelerating of the stirring bar. Digital display enables quick setting of the start and maximum speed, quickStop-function against after-run and glass breakage, storage of last setting when turning off. maxMIX is fully encapsulated and has tight stainless steel housing, IP64, extremely robust construction and performance, easy to clean under running water.

Capsugel innovation gallery cphi india


Product short description: MP 98 is specifically designed to automatically identify the melting point range of up to three samples simultaneously. It is independently operational with a color touch screen, allowing all melting operations and video playback to be performed without the need of an external PC or keyboard.

Capsugel innovation gallery cphi india
Orbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

Product: ROTARY EVAPORATOR, Steroglass, Italy

Steroglass, Strike 300 Rotary evaporator combines excellent operating characteristics and high performance levels, all in an ergonomic design.

Stike 300 has been projected in complete respect of safety needs and in compliance with the existing directive regarding equipment construction and electromagnetic compatibility.

Capsugel innovation gallery cphi india
Apex Chromtography Pvt. Ltd

Product: Apex Chromtography

Grace revolutionized flash chromatography in 2009 with the introduction of the Reveleris® flash chromatography system, the first system with integrated ELSD detection. This allowed synthetic chemists to see everything in their sample, helped improve productivity and increased the purity of their target molecules. The impact on the flash marketplace has been profound.

Capsugel innovation gallery cphi india
Landsky Engineers Pvt. Ltd.


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