13-14 Aug, 2021
 HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad


We have a cleanroom laundry service that's being developed. It's the first of its kind in India. It's an ISO classified operation. By visiting PharmaLytica, you'll really be exposed to some great products and innovative services that are available.
Andrew Cole
Managing Director
Micronclean India Pvt Ltd
I have found PharmaLytica to be very focussed. We make packaging films for Pharma business. Historical evidence shows that we have been able to get good contacts at this exhibition. If you are in the Pharma business and if you want to make B2B contacts, this is the exhibition to visit. The right place for Pharma is definitely Mumbai.
Robin Banerjee
Managing Director
Caprihans India Limited
It's a great place to interact. Under one single roof we are getting an opportunity to meet so many future clients. I am dealing in instrumentation items and I can find a lot of Pharma companies here. So I will explore this opportunity.
Raghuram Narasimhan
Sunbeam Industries
For me it's a good platform to come down here, meet many people, make connections and get business. It's all about networking and I got connected to so many people. The overall experience was good.
Rahul Chaudhary
Sales Engineer
3D Engineering Automation LLP
PharmaLytica is a fantastic platform for the entire Pharma industry. Mumbai being the hub, PharmaLytica has been progressive & productive.
Dr. Vandana Jolad Shivanagi
CEO, Founder
Viatal Pharma Consultancy
Several of the products that I was looking for, I found here and had a good discussion for those products. I even found new vendors for similar products and it helped me a lot.
Tejas Ravat
VVT Lab Solutions
Mumbai has been a capital for Pharma industry so with PharmaLytica shifting to Mumbai, we can expect very good returns on our investment. There are B2B forums, the right selection of exhibitors and profiles to cater to national and international visitors. Customers should surely visit this event. This is the best platform to showcase your innovations.
Shehul Sheth
Vice President
Indian Pharma Machinery Manufacturers Association (IPMMA)
My purpose for visiting is to find new machinery having new technology and increased efficiency which has been fulfilled. For QAQC, we find new lab equipment testing that will help us to improve our quality.
Dipak Sanghavi
Pharma Plus
I’m very happy to be associated with PharmaLytica which is going to help the industry and visitors to understand the latest equipment and developments. It’s the one place where they can see everything and know about the recent developments. Machinery will play an important role as per FDA guidelines and this facilitates machinery manufacturers and product manufacturers. I’m happy that UBM is doing their job meticulously.
Mr.Uday Bhaskar
Director General
A lot of people get exposed to certain tech otherwise they might not know and serves as a platform for interaction. I achieved what I wanted to and the show is beyond my expectations.
Mr.V. Prasad
PharmaLytica is a platform where we can get N number of companies like pharma manufacturing companies, chemical companies and machinery manufacturing companies. This is the platform where we can connect with all companies and visitors who come from all parts of the world to become aware about the variety available over here.
Mr.Mohsin Khan
Ray Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
It is a good platform to meet the relevant industry people and academicians.
Mr.DMS Rao
General Manager
Air Labs
This is the third time I’m visiting PharmaLytica. I wanted to collect exhibitor details concerning our expansion and so we are looking for new vendor contacts. Pharmalytica is a one place stop for all your pharma needs.
CH Chandrasekhar
Asst. Vice President
Globion Bio Tech Sol
We find so many alternate parties for instruments and machineries and we are happy to attend this event. We get to know developments and innovations. We found new sources for our requirements and our objectives were achieved. It is superb.
Y Srinivasa Babu
Head Commercial
Sanzyme P Ltd.
Pharmalytica conducted by UBM is very helpful and gives a lot of training to professionals and inputs to the industry to improve their quality standards. UBM is known for healthcare sector and PharmaLytica has a great future and a very good scope for further improvement.
Dr. PV Appaji
Former Director General
I would like to congratulate UBM India’s PharmaLytica for 4 successful years. It makes perfect sense to hold PharmaLytica in Hyderabad, as it is the pharma hub of India, and it gets to reiterate this claim with the setting up of the largest pharma city in the world, with over 15,000 acres space dedicated to all aspects of the industry. It is through huge forums as PharmaLytica where visitors and exhibitors can analyse how their work gets complemented by the building of a dedicated Pharma City. I am sure buyers and sellers will find PharmaLytica extremely insightful and fruitful, and I wish it all the best.
Shri Jayesh Ranjan
Principal Secretary to Government of Telangana
Industries & Commerce (I&C) Department & Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) Department
We are at a crucial juncture where the pharma industry has to keep on upgrading its way of thinking, and innovating. There is no scope of sustainability otherwise. It has to understand the latest developments, analyse them and integrate them in the larger scheme of things. It is in such an environment that a platform like PharmaLytica helps to propel the industry forward. I must congratulate UBM for the professional way it has been conducting the pharma expos worldwide and moving things in the right direction. I am delighted that one of the ways which a key body like Pharmexcil gets to proactively support the cause of the industry is through forums such as PharmaLytica.
Mr Madan Mohan Reddy
Chairman Pharmexcil and Director
Aurobindo Pharma
I would like to convey my sense of gratitude to platforms such as PharmaLytica. It is absolutely essential that trade shows meet technocrats, and service providers meet manufacturers to get the complete picture and rise up to the challenges the pharma sector is giving rise to. UBM India is doing a wonderful job in the sector, and as President of IPA, I would say that while choosing Hyderabad as the venue is really justified, it would be great to approach other hubs in India that are rising as well. They too need all the exposure and support that a platform of this stature affords.
Dr Rao Vadlamuri
Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA)
I always take pleasure to be with any event of UBM… UBM’s contribution in India is very satisfying to Pharmexil,the overnment and Indian Pharma. Now PharmaLytica is another step in the right direction to help pharma industry and contribute to its growth.
Dr. PV Appaji
Director General
I would like to congratulate UBM for conducting such a wonderful exhibition, I have seen these several stalls and feel that it is better than CPhI fairs organized globally in terms of the quality.
Partha Sarathi Reddy
Chairman and Managing Director
Hetero Drugs
The conference was really impressive; there were a lot of insights regarding the pharma industry. There were a lot of discussions for clinical trials. I found that it was really interesting and moreover I had a very good opportunity to meet a lot of dignitaries which was a pleasant experience at PharmaLytica. We are very lucky to have this in Hyderabad and we look forward to more conferences and exhibitions from PharmaLytica.
H. Bhuvaneshwar Singh
Manager Business Development
Axis Clinicals Ltd.
We are very excited to be a part of this event here, we have been looking forward to it for the last 2 weeks and been preparing for it. The visitor quality here is amazing; I've not only met new customers, but also met old acquaintances that I had lost touch with for over 5 years so this is a very good avenue for meeting everyone - old acquaintances and new. We are looking forward to participating in next year as well.
Anvesh Manne
Director of Business Development
Polmon Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
First time at Pharmalytica and very whelmed with the business opportunities. We are looking forward to next year’s event because of the opportunities and get to know more about the industry, instruments and the bulk operating and engineering plants. The opportunities are very good, I’m happy about that and looking forward to next year also.
Sharad Kumar
RND Manager
Himalaya Drug Company
The conference was really impressive; there were a lot of insights regarding the pharma industry. There were a lot of discussions for clinical trials. I found that it was really interesting and moreover I had a very good opportunity to meet a lot of dignitaries which was a pleasant experience at PharmaLytica. We are very lucky to have this in Hyderabad and we look forward to more conferences and exhibitions from PharmaLytica.
Dr. Ajoy Roy
Senior Medical Director, Head India Medical Services
Parexel International (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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