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Digital Solution

Virtual events give an EASY ACCESS to the audience through their smart phones, laptops or I-pads. Virtual events can be viewed by large audiences interactively ACROSS THE GLOBE through internet. Since there are no logistics related to venue, travel, hotels and food, virtual platforms REDUCE THE OVERALL COSTS of putting up an event in fact are 75% CHEAPER to execute than the live event.


Pre- event offerings include:

  1. Complete Project Management
  2. 60 Min Live AUDIO + Presentation Webinar
  3. Moderator for Introduction & Q&A Marketing the Webinar to audience
  4. Driving Registrations for the Webinar
  5. Support and handholding throughout the event

Post-event offerings:

  1. Attendee Analytics and Insights
  2. Post Event Report
  3. Reach Out email to all Attendees

Virtual Expo

An Online Exhibition, Also Referred To As A Virtual Exhibition, Online Gallery, Cyber-Exhibition, Is An Exhibition Whose Venue Is Cyberspace.

Virtual Events Bring More Attendees (A.k.a. Qualified Leads) As Virtual Conferences Are Easier For Attendees To Join Because There Is No Travel Involved (Particularly International) & There Is No Minimum Space Requirement.


Podcasts are a new trendy way to help get the coverage for your product and we help you do just that. Our Podcast Series brings to you lively up-close discussions from key pharma industry minds on the thoughts and ideas shaping the Industry. Get firsthand insights into the latest product innovation in the industry and the most relevant current discussion and disruptions driving the industry. This is your chance to get your products featured on the PharmaLytica Podcast series.

Product Symposia

Host a customized event which helps focus on your few key products. Get your technical directors to speak on the products via a customized webinar. Generate quality leads by displaying your products virtually and get product-based enquiries.

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